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Donosaurus_rex (Dono) began a Survivor series on November 27, 2012. The series followed the same rules as the hit CBS show, Survivor. A cast is selected to participate against each other to outwit, outplay, and outlast all the others to win. After the fifth season, he took a hiatus from Tengaged. Upon returning, he made the decision to reignite the series with a fresh start. A new Re-mastered series to build on. This is that story.

20px-Newtorch.png Season & Results 20px-Newtorch.png

# Season Sole Survivor Runner(s)-Up Final Vote
Caleb [TDO88] Jeff [aimers]
Nick [jmain14]
Dave [dfalc7] Shadi [Chastain]
Brian [cfff]

20px-Newtorch.png Dono's Survivor Series Rankings 20px-Newtorch.png
20px-Newtorch.png Seasons 20px-Newtorch.png
20px-Newtorch.png Winners 20px-Newtorch.png
1. Roraima
2.Socorro Island
1.Dave [dfalc7]
2. Caleb [TDO88]

20px-Newtorch.png Records 20px-Newtorch.png

20px-Newtorch.png Meet the Host 20px-Newtorch.png

20px-Newtorch.png Current Season 20px-Newtorch.png

Survivor: Roraima - Plateau of Fears
Cast List

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